Auditorium: Captivating Flash Music Game

Flash 26 January 2009 | 6 Comments

This game is so beautiful! It reminds me a touch of the Enigmo iPhone game in that you have colored droplets that you have to redirect to enter their appropriate receptacle. Unlike Enigmo, Auditorium‘s droplets begin as white and change color based on their entry of circles on the map.
Their receptacles are audio containers that begin playing beautiful piano and string arrangements upon landing. It’s really simple to begin with, but as you progress it grows quite complicated.
Of course, the whole experience is created by the multisensory tickling – the combination of physics, color, and music. It’s odd how fulfilling redirecting droplets to little container can feel.

It’s only a preview of the full game which is to come, but it’s captivating enough in its short demo length. Play Auditorium now.

(Via kottke)

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